My work history.

Over the past two decades, I’ve led companies as Founder & CEO and created thriving global communities.



Founder + Developer, 2023 - current

AI + EdTech

Created a custom full-stack web app for coaching and teaching Sales, built on the GPT-4 Large Language Model (LLM). Created a 17-section Sales Mastery Plan to guide customers.Engineered and deployed the backend and frontend. Technologies used include NextJS, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Tailwind, Clerk, Stripe, Vercel, and GPT-4 Turbo.


Entrepreneur in Residence, 2023

AI + EdTech | Contract

Spearheaded Masterschool's inaugural AI LLM offering via OpenAI's GPT-4 and prompt engineering, boosting student comprehension, engagement, and success metrics across 3,000 enrollees. Overhauled Masterschool's gateway course Technology Foundations 101, crafting a new curriculum, welcome videos, and technical assessments, resulting in higher student completion rates and engagement. Engineered an AI-driven LLM alpha product with OpenAI GPT-4 and prompt engineering to autonomously evaluate and enhance student progress, reducing operational costs and elevating student performance.


Founder + CEO, 2010 - 2021


Founded Treehouse, raised $23M in investment, scaled the team to 100+, and educated 1,000,000+ students.Led the team to build a custom online education platform with an NPS of 64; enabled students to secure high-paying tech jobs and create generational wealth for their families. Guided the company to acquisition in 2021.


Founder + CEO, 2004 - 2011

Global Conferences

Founded and led Carsonified, specializing in tech conferences and training workshops; operated in the US, UK, and Europe. Featured world-class speakers like Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Williams and Gary Vaynerchuk. Guided Carsonified to acquisition in 2011.


Founder + CEO, 2004 - 2011

Data Infrastructure

Founded and led DropSend, a web app for sending large files; pioneered terabytes of data transfer and storage before the advent of the cloud with AWS and Azure. Guided DropSend to acquisition in 2008.