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Introducing Article Writer

I wrote a Python script that creates a high quality blog post and gorgeous image for only $0.12 per article.

The Rise of the One-Person Startup

Exploring how advancements in AI and technology are enabling solo founders to efficiently manage multiple aspects of a startup, challenging the traditional model of team-based startups.

3 mistakes I made as a young entrepreneur

I started my first business eight years ago in 2004. I’ve managed teams as small as two (from our top bedroom), all the way to my current 54-person team at Treehouse. I’ve had some wins and plenty of losses and learned a lot of things the hard way. Hopefully other business owners can avoid these un-fun mistakes …

Selling your company doesn’t make you happy

I started my first company eight years ago in 2004 and I’ve been through two acquisitions. The first company I sold was DropSend in 2008 and the second was Carsonified in 2011.

Ryan Carson, Treehouse and the 4-day Week

I think there’s something messed up about the startup culture in the USA. The belief is that you have to work 6-7 days a week and spend all your mental cycles on your company. Nothing but pledging your soul to your startup yields success, right?