Founder with 20 years experience building startups.

Hello! I'm Ryan Carson. After graduating with a Computer Science degree, I went on to become a Developer, Founder, and CEO. Over 20 years, I've built, scaled, and sold three startups.

  • DropSend

    Web app for sending large files. Pioneered terabytes of data transfer and storage before the advent of the modern Cloud. Acquired in 2008.

    Grew from $0 → $250k

  • Carsonified

    Global tech conferences with thousands of attendees. Speakers included founders of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Acquired in 2011.

    Grew from $0 → $1m

  • Treehouse

    Online Computer Science school. Raised $23M in investment, scaled the team to over 100 employees, and educated over 1,000,000 students. Acquired in 2021.

    Grew from $0 → $10m+

I raised $23m in venture capital, managed hundreds of employees and was voted Entrepreneur of the Year 2015. I've now joined Intel to help them empower and support the AI dev community.

Introducing Article Writer

I wrote a Python script that creates a high quality blog post and gorgeous image for only $0.12 per article.

The Rise of the One-Person Startup

Exploring how advancements in AI and technology are enabling solo founders to efficiently manage multiple aspects of a startup, challenging the traditional model of team-based startups.

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