Founder with 20 years experience building companies.

Hello! I’m Ryan Carson, and I've been a Founder, Entrepreneur and CEO for 20 years, building, scaling and selling three companies.

  • DropSend

    Web app for sending large files. Pioneered terabytes of data transfer and storage before the advent of the modern Cloud. Acquired in 2008.

    Grew from $0 → $250k

  • Carsonified

    Global tech conferences with thousands of attendees. Speakers included founders of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Acquired in 2011.

    Grew from $0 → $1m

  • Treehouse

    Online Computer Science school. Raised $23M in investment, scaled the team to over 100 employees, and educated over 1,000,000 students. Acquired in 2021.

    Grew from $0 → $10m+

I raised $23m in venture capital, managed hundreds of employees and was voted Entrepreneur of the Year 2015. I've now launched Maple, an AI one-on-one sales coach and course.

Founders, I can help you.

Synchronizing Your Startup: The Benefits of an Asynchronous Work Culture

Asynchronous work culture in startups offers benefits such as enhanced productivity, global talent access, improved work-life balance, reduced overhead costs, and fosters autonomy and trust, but also comes with challenges such as time zone differences, risk of isolation, and over-reliance on written communication.

Tech Founders' Guide to Handling Regulatory and Compliance Issues

Navigating regulatory and compliance issues is essential for tech founders, as it ensures trust, credibility, and legal protection, and involves focusing on data protection, cybersecurity, financial regulations, and industry-specific regulations, while implementing robust policies, investing in compliance training, leveraging technology, and conducting regular audits to overcome common challenges.

The Balancing Act: Maintaining Work-Life Harmony as a Tech Founder

Striving for work-life harmony is essential for the sustained success and happiness of tech founders, and it can be achieved through setting clear boundaries, prioritizing and delegating tasks, embracing flexibility, incorporating downtime into schedules, leveraging technology wisely, and fostering a supportive work culture.

The CEO's Must-Read List: 15 Essential Books

The article provides a list of 15 essential books for tech founders and CEOs, covering topics such as leadership, innovation, personal development, team building, and marketing.

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