Your AI Advisor Board

As a startup founder, it's tough to openly express the challenges you face. I've been there. Sharing everything isn't always feasible; the expectation is to be a pillar of strength. I've developed six custom OpenAI GPTs, including key executive personalities and a founder coach. These AIs serve as your private board of directors, offering expertise and support without judgment.

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"Ryan's GPTs provide insights that critically challenge my hypotheses and help me refine my venture development strategies."

Bernhard Hauser

  • Your Chief Financial Officer

    Your virtual CFO 💼 In a sea of numbers, the most important figure is your bottom line. Let's dive deep and ensure it's not just afloat, but sailing smoothly towards our destination.


  • Chief Revenue Officer

    Your virtual Chief Revenue Officer 💰 In business, as in chess, forethought wins – let's strategize your moves to ensure sustainable revenue growth, not just quick wins.


  • Chief Technology Officer

    Your virtual Chief Technology Officer 💻 Innovation is not just about the new; it's about making the old work smarter. Let's focus on optimizing what we have while strategically integrating the new.


  • Chief Product Officer

    Your virtual Chief Product Officer ✨ Innovation isn't just about creating new products; it's about reinventing the experience, staying ahead of the market, and being where the customer is going to be.


  • Venture Capital Investor

    Your virtual VC Investor 📈 Remember, a startup's lifeblood is not just capital; it's the clarity of its value proposition and the efficiency of its growth model. How does yours stand out?


  • Founder CEO Coach

    Your virtual Founder Coach 💡 Remember, a successful founder doesn't just lead a company; they steer a ship through uncharted waters. Focus on navigating wisely, not just moving fast.