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Hello everyone. I’m glad you’re here and I’m excited that you want to learn more about web3. I feel like it’s a good time to talk about transparency. A few of my good friends in the industry have created a page just like this one where they state publicly which projects they have a financial interest in. This is my version.

Firstly let me remind you that I’m not a financial advisor and nothing I say or do should be taken as financial advice.

Also when it comes to investing your money I recommend you do your own research. I certainly do. Before I invest in any project, company or person I want to know who they are and how they are going to benefit from my investment.

Lastly, just because I have invested in, own part of, or am an advisor to a project this does not mean that I endorse the project. The web3 industry changes very quickly and what was a great project yesterday may or may not be today.

The following is a comprehensive list of all the web3 projects I am involved with or own. This is usually under the umbrella of my fund, 121G but may include personally owned items. I will endeavor to keep the list up to date.
crypto punk nft